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Comprehensive Program Details

Comprehensive Program Overview

Madlax-Oregon is excited to announce a comprehensive “Year-Round” program option for the first time in 2019-2020. As with all Madlax-Oregon programming, the primary focus is to present the best and most comprehensive player development opportunity, providing the environment to maximize individual and team potential. Our Coaching Staff is the most experienced in the Northwest, and as such we offer the leadership and training experience necessary to empower our athletes to excel, not only in lacrosse, but in life. The reasons behind offering this opportunity are as follows:

  1. Increase Team Comradery: When we step on the field against some of the most talented clubs in the country, we do not win games through individual efforts, but rather a team's ability to execute. Developing that relationship and chemistry between players throughout the year will have great benefits on and off the field.

  2. Increase Program Comradery: Whether you are on the 2021 Travel Team or the 2021 Local Team, 2020 team or the 2023 team, our goal is develop positive relationships across all teams and coaches. We take great care in creating thoughtful opportunities for players to challenge themselves on the field, while developing productive lifelong relationships and a strong sense of community.

  3. Growth Mindset: Growth in life is a journey, not a destination. Our Year-Round program is centered around this fact. We will help teach our players to embrace successes, challenges, and even failures with the right mindset by providing an ongoing team and coach support system, allowing players to see and reap long-term growth benefits, by understanding the value of hard work, discipline, and more often than not, delayed gratification.

  4. Positive Coaching Impact: Allowing our staff to coach a group of players year-round will positively impact our players' ability to absorb the highest level of coaching along with enabling our coaches to create relationships with our players and positively impact their lives.

  5. Program Cost Savings: By decreasing operational overhead need, consolidating fixed costs and lobbying longer term contracts for variable cost we decrease the cost per player while dramatically increasing the service rendered. 

  6. Advanced Travel Planning and Further Cost Savings: A Year-Round comprehensive program allows our families to plan their travel and lodging well in advance and ultimately save money.

  7. Empowering the Multi-sport Athlete: Here at Madlax, we love for our players to play multiple sports throughout the year. We believe this will make them more dynamic athletes on the lacrosse field. We have designed our Year-Round program to avoid scheduling conflicts with normal Youth and High School sports calendars in the Fall/Winter. We also believe that time management skills are crucial to develop at a young age, so 1.5 hours each Sunday won’t tax their schedule but challenge them to manage their time efficiently to uphold their responsibility to their family, their school work, and their other sports.

All players are required to participate in January tryouts for Summer Team Placement. The Year-Round option is available for Travel Teams only. Local Teams remain a seasonal offering. The Local Teams and Travel Teams are connected through a Mid-Year Tryout in August, following the Summer Season.

This Mid-Year tryout is available to the entire Oregon lacrosse community to evaluate and fill Fall Local Teams.  Players from Summer Madlax Teams will be considered first for the Fall Travel Team rosters (barring a few exceptions such as injuries and relocation). Naturally, roster spots will become available as some players elect to drop fall club lacrosse for other extracurriculars.

Below we have detailed all the information regarding our select teams and seasonal opportunities. 

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