The Madlax-Oregon Team model incorporates box lacrosse skills and concepts to further enrich our team field experience. Through the implementing of the box concepts and strategies into our team playbook, our team members will be adding valuable points to their Lacrosse IQ and developing their technical skill set which will greatly develop their game on the field.


Box Skills Emphasize:
• Confidence in Stick Skills in Tight Space
• Defensive Footwork and body position
• Motion Offense Principles
• Shooting Accurately on the Run
• Cutting and Finishing
• Proper Shot Fakes 
• Disrupting Feeders/Shooters with Checks
• Transition Offense and Defense
• Shot Clock for High Rep and Fast Paced Decision Making
• Proper way to set picks, slips and screens (2-man game)
• Off ball movement

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NCAA College Coaches Talking About Box

"Every Kid Should Play Box Lacrosse" -John Desko, Head Coach - Syracuse University
"American field players would really help themselves if they were exposed to a steady stream of box experience" -Dom Starsia, Head Coach - University of Virginia 

See why the best college programs in the country include box in their training!

Johns Hopkins

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