First and foremost, here at Madlax we pride ourselves on our fun, uptempo practice culture, embracing the competitiveness among comrades while empowering and uplifting teammates for the greater good of the team.

The MadLax approach to training curriculum is two-fold. On one side, we focus our attention to developing universally sound lacrosse players, with a strong knowledge of the game and the ability to play any position their team may need. Simply put, in order to become an elite defensive player, one needs to know exactly what the offense is trying to do, and vice versa. On the other side, we focus our attention towards developing specially skilled players per position. In order to continue to compete and play at the highest level, strong position-specific skills are crucial for team success.

Within every drill we run, we consistently start from simple concepts and progress upon them, strategically adding more numbers and levels of complexity to form game-like teaching scenarios. As you will see in the below example, at each progressive level there are always specific teaching points for both offense and defense.

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