June 8-9th 2019

We are thrilled to announce our team camp for all Madlax Oregon Summer Teams! This team building weekend will help jumpstart team training through practices, positional breakouts, scrimmage, classroom/film sessions,  and recruiting seminar.

The cost for the team camp is included in season dues.  Attendance is important to build chemistry, camaraderie, and team concepts. The weekend and location selected is intended to work around the conclusion of the school year and exam schedule.  Lunch is included both days!

Below is the weekend schedule:

  • Saturday
    • Check In/Drop off: 9:00am
    • Pick Up: 5:00pm
  • Sunday
    • Drop Off: 9:00am
    • Recruiting Seminar (All Welcome): Sunday, 4pm
    • Sunday Pick Up: 5pm


  • 4 Team Practices
  • 2 Filmroom Sessions
  • 2 Positional Breakouts
  • 1 Recruiting Seminar 
  • 1 Coach to every 10 players

What to Bring

  • Athletic Attire 
  • Cleats & Tennis Shoes
  • All Lacrosse Equipment   
  • Reusable Water Bottle