Positional Clinics

The game of lacrosse can be broken down into small sided scenarios. The great teams understand recognize these scenarios through game play and how to execute them on a high level. Due to time restraints in club practices, coaches are forced to focus on the macro instead of micro elements of game play. Out positional clinics will breakdown larger team concepts into smaller situational drill-work to help increase lacrosse IQ, decision making, and execution on the field.  These 90-minute sessions are included in team dues and providing the highest-level positional training, combined with program-specific personal training. The 90 minute clinic will start with 60 minutes of positional training, followed by 30 minutes of lacrosse specific Speed and Conditioning with Spencer Madden, of Bigfoot Lacrosse, to help keep up your pace during the season. 

Spring 2019 Sessions

Location: Bigfoot Lacrosse
Dates: March 3, 10, 17

Fall 2019 Sessions #1

Location:  Bigfoot Lacrosse
Dates: September 8, 15, 22

Fall 2019 Sessions #2

Location:  Bigfoot Lacrosse
Dates: Oct 19, 26, Nov 2

**Fall 2019 Sessions #2 are included for Comprehensive Program Option**

Clinic Staff

Josh Peck  (Johns Hopkins University)
Dan McKinney (Georgetown University)
Michael Marcott (Univeresity of Denver)
Cam Rafish (OES Asst. Coach)
Martin Winter (Umass-Lowell)

Liam Resch (Denver University)
Max Fleischman (University of Arizona)
Dylan Roach (Oregon State University)

Rich Sedei (Texas A&M)
Matt Friesen (Grand Canyon University)
Dominic Mendez (Adams State University)

Henry Ling (New Zealand National Team)

Physical Trainer:
Spencer Madden (U of O)