At Madlax, we provide a variety of opportunities to support the sport's growth in Oregon and SW Washington. We not only want to cater our programming to develop nationally competitive players and teams, but we want to create team opportunities that open doors for players of all experiences. In doing so, we are excited to announce a consolidation of the strongest and most talented coaching staff the area has ever experienced. This consolidation will have a tremendous impact on player development and experience, as well as provide our community with an unparalleled opportunity to bring top players together and put forth the strongest teams the area has ever experienced.

Our Local Teams provide a great environment for players who don't make our Travel Team roster or otherwise wouldn't participate in club teams to receive the same high-level training and coaching, get integrated into the Madlax-Oregon system, and participate at a lower cost with minimal travel obligations. Additionally, Local Team participants are provided a direct avenue to advance their game and earn spots on the Fall Travel Team. Summer Madlax Local Team participants will be evaluated over the Fall ("Mid-Year") Tryout to be considered for a Fall Travel Team roster spot. This Mid-Year tryout is available to the entire Oregon Lacrosse community, but only players who participated on Summer Madlax Local Teams will be considered for spots vacated by Summer Travel Team players (barring a few reasonable exceptions such as injuries and relocation). Naturally, roster spots will become available as some players elect to drop fall club lacrosse for other extracurriculars.

Our Travel Teams challenge players on a national stage and train to prepare for attending extremely competitive tournaments across the country. This is a great way to develop your skills and abilities, and gain the necessary exposure to continue your lacrosse career at the collegiate level. As a developing lacrosse community, to showcase team and player talent and service players' long term recruiting goals through these extremely competitive events, Oregon programs need a large percentage of the best players in the state at each age level to remain competitive. We believe we are well-positioned and present the most compelling program to execute this level of play for all our teams. 

Our Regional & National Teams provide supplemental opportunities to join top players from across the country and compete at some of the premiere events in the nation. You must be on the Travel Team roster in order to be nominated to these Regional & National Teams.

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