All Madlax-Oregon Team participants have access to the supplemental National and Northwest Team Opportunities, featured to the right. However, most clubs over-emphasize these programs value. Our families spend the majority of their yearly lacrosse budget on their Oregon teams. As such, our direction forward is to see all our Oregon team's competitive on the national level to garner the exposure to service the long term collegiate goals of our athletes.   As a small and developing lacrosse community, Oregon programs need a large percentage of the best players in each age level to meet this goal and showcase both sides of the ball (offense, defense, transition, goaltending, etc). We believe in our position in the market to execute this level of play for all our teams.

MadLax Oregon is an affiliate of MadLax Inc and has reserved spots on all MadLax National Team opportunities. We also have relationships with Legends and West Coast Stars and can help facilitate those conversations for those who are interested in participating on those teams.

Available Opportunities