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Team Tournaments

Tournament Selection Process

At MadLax-Oregon, we put countless hours into the tournament selection process. We make our decision based on four criteria: Cost, Competitive level/Recruiting, School Calendar, and Travel. Using these four criteria, we are confident that we have put together the best combination of highly competitive tournaments, with college coaches in attendance, that align with school schedules, but keep the overall costs low.

For our youth travel teams, we will attend a competitive balance of regional and travel tournaments. This will allow us to develop our youth players and build chemistry in the PNW before traveling to a highly competitive tournament to play against some of the best competition in the country. 

For our high school travel teams, we will be attending some of the most competitive tournaments in the country, squaring off against the strongest clubs out there, with colleges coaches lining the sideline. Each team will be traveling to an east coast tournament, seasonally, to compete at levels not found on the west coast. We will also be attending one regional and local tournament to play against the highest level of talent in the region to solidify our program as one of the best in the West!

Use the below tabs to view the Teams that attended each tournament in 2018, Coaches that attended, Tournament Waivers, and Tournament Group Lodging.