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Our Training Philosophy

Team Training Philosophy

First and foremost, here at Madlax we pride ourselves on our fun, uptempo practice culture, embracing the competitiveness among comrades while empowering and uplifting teammates for the greater good of the team.

The Madlax approach to training curriculum is two-fold. On one side, we focus our attention to developing universally sound lacrosse players, with a strong knowledge of the game and the ability to play any position their team may need. Simply put, in order to become an elite defensive player, one needs to know exactly what the offense is trying to do, and vice versa. On the other side, we focus our attention towards developing specially skilled players per position. In order to continue to compete and play at the highest level, strong position-specific skills are crucial for team success.

Within every drill we run, we attempt to translate and reinforce the relationship between the individual concepts, small field game (2v2, 3v3, etc), and full field settings through a progressive and linear training model. We start with the individual concepts and implement them through a progression of uptempo drill-work, always creatively implementing game-like teaching scenarios that helps players understand the relationship between individual skills and team success. As you will see in the below example, at each progressive level there are always specific teaching points for both offense and defense.

Click Here: Drill Progress Example

Example of Defensive Principles: 

Disciplined On-ball Defense: On-ball defense starts with understanding team defense which is predicated by the on-ball defender knowing and executing their job. Good team defense "pre-sides" to the area of the field where the on-ball defender forces the ball. Therefore, what part of the field we take away, playing the appropriate angles through fundamental footwork, and good approaches helps both force dodges out of shooting angles, and also forces dodgers into our "pre-slide" package making the slide and resulting recovery easier. These principles are a mainstay in our drill progressions. 

Slide/Release/Recover or Bump/Re-designate: The relationship between the on-ball defender, "hot" slide, and the backside help is the difference between average defenses and excellent defenses. We have several variations of drills that force our defense to slide to different spots on the field, release the on-ball defenseman, efficiently recover to the backside man or bump the "two" man from the crease back to their original responsibility and re-designate the hot slide and re-establish a new hot slide, help side, and be able to repeat the above on the offensive re-dodge. Simply, this paired with disciplined and coordinated on-ball defense is the backbone of 6v6 defense. 

Example of Offensive Principles:

Offensive Spacing: No matter what motion offense we have in place, all offensive players must understand the principles of spacing and timing.  Proper spacing not only allows players to play proper dodge angles and get to the goal, but also elongates defensive approaches/slides/recoveries and allows our offense to redodge more effectively on the backside.

Early Ball Movement out of a Dodge: Offense in a nutshell is drawing a slide (or a double team) and efficiently moving the ball to the backside of a defense and redodging before a defense can recover/redesignate a hot slide. Exiting a dodge to the sideline and moving the ball before the slide can get to your hands not only stretches the defense for a longer slide but gets the ball to the backside quicker for a redodge.

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